Monday, March 23, 2009

Note from Dorothy

This is my first blog. I will keep you updated on events and what is happening with my art. Of course, there will be mention of my garden and how it inspires me. As an artist and motivational speaker, following your passion is always a good topic of conversation. I am sure I will have some notes on that! June will be a very exciting month for me. My artwork will be on display at Gallery Saratoga in Saratoga, California for the entire month. I am sharing this show with my friend Judy. She is a world traveled photographer and her wild life images are wonderful. The reception is June 13Th so save the date. More information on the time. I have posted some of my artwork and will change them out from time to time.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dorothy,
    I love the fact that you are now Blogging!!! How cool is that. Love your work and I have plans to attend your June 13th reception. I’m taking some time off from classes to get my physical surroundings in shape so I can get the people living in my head onto paper [or in the computer]. I keep hearing you [plus a dozen others] tell me to write, so that’s the goal…to start next month. Thanks for sharing your many talents along with words of wisdom and comfort,